2023 4nd International Conference on Computer Information and Big Data Applications Engineering(CIBDA 2023)


Keynote Speaker


Prof. Aiping Xu, Wuhan University, China

Research Area:  GIS and spatial information processing

Aiping Xu, Professor, School of computer science, Wuhan University. In 2003, he was elected as the outstanding Party member of the college, and vice director and branch secretary of the computer engineering department from 2006 to 2009. At present, he is mainly engaged in the research of GIS and spatial information processing, and has led his graduate students to complete many large-scale projects. Among them, he has presided over the GIS related projects, such as "database management and analysis system for the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River" and "water and soil conservation monitoring database system for the Danjiangkou reservoir area"; he has his own unique opinions on spatiotemporal statistical analysis, and has participated in the "heterogeneous spatiotemporal data processing" He also presided over the natural science foundation of Hubei Province "Research on forest fire risk grade distribution based on spatiotemporal statistics". On the basis of the research, he has obtained one technical invention patent, three software copyrights, edited three undergraduate auxiliary textbooks, translated one original work published by Springer, published more than 30 research papers in domestic and foreign academic journals and conferences, and served as reviewer of several domestic and foreign journals and international conferences, as well as project evaluation expert of NSFC.


Prof. Li Zhao, Wuhan Donghu University, China

Research Area: Cloud computing, big data

Li Zhao is currently the vice dean of the School of Computer Science of Wuhan East Lake University, mainly engaged in computer teaching. She was responsible for completing the provincial teaching research and teaching reform project of "Provincial Demonstration Reform College", "exploration and practice of project driven teaching mode of software engineering" and "Jingchu Outstanding Engineer". Responsible for completing the "Database Application Technology" Hubei Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Course and the "C Language Programming" School level Excellent Resource Sharing Course. She has published more than 10 teaching and research papers, edited and co edited nearly 8 textbooks, including Computer Foundation Course, C Language Programming, and Computer Web Page Design.


Prof. Yongxia ZhaoWuhan Donghu University, China

Research Area: data mining、big data

Professor Zhao is a member of the excellent young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation team of Huangshi University Enterprise Co construction Research and Development Center and Hubei Province's colleges and universities. She has participated in nearly 40 software copyright authorizations. As a core member, she has successively participated in nearly 10 national, provincial and ministerial education and scientific research projects, and edited more than 10 textbooks. More than 20 independent or first author academic papers have been published in various domestic academic journals, and many of them have been included in EI.


Assoc. Prof. Hai Liu, Central China Normal University, China

Research Area: Development of digital image processing and digital teaching system

Liu Hai, associate professor of the Artificial Intelligence Education Department of Huazhong Normal University, graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a doctor's degree in pattern recognition and intelligent systems. He has been engaged in self-regulated learning, learning resource recommendation, knowledge mapping, computer vision, machine learning and other fields for a long time. He was selected into the 2016 "Xiangjiang Scholars" Talent Plan and went to the Robot Vision Laboratory of City University of Hong Kong for two years. More than 40 academic papers have been published in IEEE TNNLS, TII, TMM, TKDE and other well-known journals at home and abroad, including 14 IEEE trans series of the first district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 8 papers have been selected as high cited papers of ESI. It applied for or authorized 28 national invention patents, presided over 4 National Natural Science Foundation projects, and 1 sub project of the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" national key research and development plan. He has won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Hubei Province (2020) and the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award (2019) for outstanding achievements in scientific research in colleges and universities.

Assoc. Prof. Tingting Liu, Hubei University, China

Research Area:  Artificial intelligence education application, learning analysis technology and classroom teaching behavior analysis

Tingting Lu, associate professor and master's supervisor of Wuhan University. In September 2016, he entered the National Research Center for Digital Learning Engineering Technology of Central China Normal University to study for a doctor's degree in education information technology, and in December 2019, he won a doctor's degree in engineering from Central China Normal University. He began to teach in Hubei University in October 2020. At present, the main research directions are artificial intelligence education application, learning analysis technology and classroom teaching behavior analysis. He has published more than 10 papers.